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Component Type Bumper to Bumper

Engine: Cylinder block and cylinder head(s), all internal lubricated parts including pistons, piston rings, wrist pins, connecting rods, rod and main bearings, crankshaft, camshaft(s) and bearings, followers, lifters, pushrods, rocker arms, rocker shafts and bushings, timing chain and gears, timing chain tensioners, balance shafts, timing belt, timing belt tensioner, valves, valve seats, valve guides, valve springs and retainers, oil pump, oil pump pick up and drive, dipstick and tube, water pump, intake manifold, exhaust manifold(s), harmonic balancer, flywheel/flex plate, valve cover(s), timing case cover, oil pan, vacuum pump, motor mounts. Drive Pulleys, auxiliary oil cooler and metal cooler lines, oil pressure sending unit, water jacket-core plugs. 

Diesel/Turbo Diesel Equipped: All internal lubricated parts listed under ENGINE plus the diesel injection pump, metal fuel lines and nozzles are covered.
Turbo Charger/Supercharger: Turbo/Supercharger housing and all internal lubricated parts; wastegate/bypass valve.
Engine Cooling: Radiator, radiator cooling fan and motor, fan blade, fan clutch, fan shroud, coolant recovery tank, thermostat, temperature sending unit.

Engine Fuel: Fuel pump, fuel tank, fuel tank sending unit, fuel tank filler neck. 

Transmission: Automatic Transmission Equipped: Transmission Case and all internal lubricated parts including oil pump, valve body, torque converter, governor, clutches, bushings, shafts, gear sets, bearings, vacuum modulator, dip stick and tube, transmission mounts. 
Standard Transmission Equipped: Transmission case and all internal lubricated parts including shafts, bushings, bearings, gear sets, synchronizers, shift forks and transmission mounts. All: Oil cooler and metal cooler lines, electronic shift control solenoid(s) and speed sensor. 
Transfer Case: Transfer Case housing and all internal lubricated parts including main shaft, gear sets, chain and sprockets, bearings, bushings and Transfer Case mount are covered.

Drive Axle: Front Wheel Drive Equipped: Drive axle housing and all internal lubricated components including carrier case, gear sets, chain and sprockets, bearings, bushings, axle shafts, constant velocity joints and double offset joints (except if boot was damaged or missing), front and rear wheel hub bearings. 
Rear Wheel Drive Equipped: Drive axle case and all internal lubricated parts including carrier, ring and pinion gears, gear sets, bearings bushings, limited slip clutch pack, axle shafts, drive shafts, drive shaft support, u-joints, front and rear wheel hub bearings. 
Four Wheel Drive/All Wheel Drive Equipped: All components listed under Front Wheel and Rear Wheel Equipped are covered plus locking hubs.

Air Conditioning: Compressor and clutch, condenser, evaporator. Receiver drier, orifice, temperature control programmer, P.O.A. valve, expansion valve, heater/AC blower motor, heater core.

Electrical: Alternator, voltage regulator, starter motor and drive, starter solenoid, front windshield wiper motor. Rear wiper motor and front/rear windshield washer pump(s), delay circuit board, relay and switch. Heated back glass-element, electronic ignition module, wiring harnesses, power window motors and power window regulators, power door lock actuators, horn(s), manually operated electrical switches (except audio/video control switches), ignition switch, brake light switch, and doorjamb switches.

High Technology: Driver information displays (except Navigation System) including analog, digital/LED readouts and circuit boards. Fuel Injectors, fuel pressure regulator, fuel injection sensors for mass airflow, throttle position, cam/crank position, and manifold absolute pressure and idle air control. Distributor, engine management control computer, spark control/anti detonation sensor and controller, transmission shift controller. Cruise control module, servo and engagement switch. ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) wheel sensors, pump motor and controller. Traction control sensors, controller and engagement switch. Four-wheel drive actuator motor and control switch. Level control or pneumatic suspension pump, its sensors and limiter valve. Manufacturer installed combination entry transmitter and transceiver and anti-theft device. Manufacturer installed AM/FM radio and speakers, cassette/CD player, equalizer/amplifier, DVD video player and its remote transmitter and monitor display. All power motors and manually operated control switches for the manufacturer installed radio antenna, seats, headlight doors, mirrors, convertible top, sun roof, sliding doors, rear hatch and trunk pull down.

Front Suspension: Upper and lower control arms including shafts and bushings, upper and lower ball joints, stabilizer shaft including linkage, mounts and bushings, strut rods, king pins, spindles/knuckles and supports, wheel hub bearings. Front End Alignment will also be included where required to complete covered repairs.

Steering: Housing and all internal lubricated parts including the power steering pump, power steering reservoir, power cylinder assembly, main and intermediate steering shaft and coupling, power steering oil cooler and metal lines, tie rod ends, center link, idler arm, pitman arm. 
Four Wheel Steering: If and when equipped; the secondary steering rack or actuator, rear power steering pump and tie rod ends are covered. Two or Four Wheel Alignment will also be included where required to complete covered repairs.

Brake System: Power assist booster, master cylinder, disc brake calipers, wheel cylinders, hydraulic metal lines and fittings, metering/proportioning valve, parking brake linkage and cables.
Seals and Gaskets: All seals and gaskets for all components listed above.

Taxes and Fluids: State and local taxes where applicable and required fluids to complete covered repairs.

* The coverage listed above is an example only. Exact coverage may vary depending on your vehicle and plan eligibility.